Body Type

We believe fashion is about feeling great. A single outfit has the ability to make you feel radiant, confident and beautiful…then you know, you have your glow. Beautiful, well-made clothing is one of the ways to achieve that glow. The other is knowing what works best for your specific body shape. Understanding how to dress your body type will help you accentuate your amazing features. Not sure exactly what to highlight? We have created a no-fail list of what to look for.

glow fashion body type - Body Type
pear shaped body type glow fashion pink - Body Type

Pear (triangle)

You may be Pear if the widest part of your body is at your hips.

  • Wrap Dresses
  • Off the shoulder shirts & dresses
  • Structured Jackets
  • A-line Skirts
  • Maxi Dresses
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athletic shaped body type glow fashion pink - Body Type

Athletic (rectangle/straight)

You may be Athletic if you have a similar width throughout your body from shoulders to waist.

  • Wrap Dresses
  • Off the shoulder shirts & dresses
  • Trumpet Skirts & Pencil Skirts
  • A-line Dresses
  • Rompers
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hourglass body type glow fashion pink - Body Type

Hourglass (curvy)

You may be hourglass if you have a similar hip and bust measurement with a smaller waist

  • Wrap Dresses
  • Jumpsuits & Rompers
  • Tailored blazers & Jackets
  • Pencil Skirt
  • Bodycon Dresses
mysterydress - Body Type
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apple shaped body type glow fashion pink 1 - Body Type

Apple (inverted triangle)

You may be Apple if you have broader shoulders with slim hips and shapely legs

  • Shorter Dresses
  • Shift Dresses
  • Flows Blouses
  • Leggings
  • Fit & Flare
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Each body type is beautiful and should be celebrated. You may not fall into one specific category and that’s ok! For the most part, most women are a combo. Knowing what features you love about yourself AND how to properly emphasize them is what will give you your glow!