About Us

“Being a mother means I am no longer fashionable or sexy.”

Glow started with this single thought. This notion that inspired two mothers, who had at one point in their life, believed this misconception to be true. Unfortunately, many people think this way and nothing could be further from the truth.

In the crazy midst of raising our kiddos, an idea became a vision and a vision became a reality. We wanted to erase the stigma that is associated with moms and how they dress. Every woman can relate to that amazing feeling you get when you’ve nailed your outfit. It’s an unspoken glow that radiates from within. All woman are familiar with this feeling, even our beautiful mamas! We wanted to share this glow by curating a special assortment that inspires women to feel confident, beautiful & powerful every time they get dressed. Whether you’re at work, at an event, or even running errands, let your glow shine!

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